Hello beautiful souls!

Divine Feminine Rage.

This is something that many, many women are going through right now. This can be an extremely confusing, intense and overwhelming situation to deal with. If you are currently going through this, you may feel that you are off the spiritual path. That there is something wrong with you. That you are not a loving, nurturing woman, of the light. This is not the case at all. You are feeling this way because society has told women to repress her anger, to hold back her rage. We are ‘meant’ to be sweet and nurturing. In the same way men have been told that feeling tenderness is weak and not ‘manly’. Well guess what?? ALL emotions are natural for all people, regardless of gender. Anger and rage are a part of the feminine, and it is time to allow ourselves to feel the deeply repressed rage that is trying to bubble up. Here I have three youtube videos that provide a vast amount of information, guidance and practical tips for how to deal with this.

There is a weak spot in the spiritual community right now… and this is a belief that positive focus is necessary for manifestation. And this is not completely wrong.. but a big step of the path is currently being overlooked. This is shadow work. You can not feel true peace without transmuting your old pain and trauma. Becoming a shadow walker, not afraid to wonder the shadow realms is the key to a brighter, lighter future! I have attached my video lessons on this topic below that include much more information, encouragement, tips and processes that you can implement to do this work. You will come out the other side more whole and better equipped for your future than ever before. I also have a video on shadow work on my channel, with much more information on this to come!

Be a warrior for yourself, darling one!!

I’m sending you so much love!

Christabel Jessica xo


One thought on “Divine Feminine Rage

  1. Thank you for writing this. I am going through alot of anger and sadness due to the Divine Masculine. Ive been like you said repressing these feelings and trying to stay positive and full of love but i can no longer. If it was some other man putting me through this i would have walked away long time ago but does it make it ok because he is my Twin… I know my self worth now and cannot hold back my anger anymore so i am feeling these feelings hoping to heal and let go and leave it to God. Thank u again for righting this and for your videos. love and light to you

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