The Twin Flame Relationship Stages


Hello beautiful souls! Here is an in-depth explanation of the twin flame relationship stages! These 11 stages can vary and present themselves differently for each set of divine counterparts. Each set have their own unique mission and own path to walk. There are never any rules or limitations for this experience.

1. Meeting.

This is soul remembrance at it’s finest. Depending on the individual set of counterparts this can show up in many forms, there are no rules. Synchronistic events can occur leading up to the meeting such as dreaming, seeing the awakening code 11.11, seeing number sequences, signs in the form of names, initials, power animals, telepathic communication, a sense that something ‘big’ is coming etc. Themes that can present itself when two twins meet include: strong inner knowing, a feeling of coming home, a deep soul remembrance, an instant feeling of soul connection, kundalini rising, instant knowing through the eyes, and intense eye contact/gazing. The conditions of meeting can be unusual and inspire a sense of serendipity.. as if this meeting was planned long before this time period… and orchestrated by the universe.

2. Love Bubble

You have never felt connection like this. Joy, bliss, passion, sacred sexuality and a feeling of coming home. A sense that this is what you have been waiting for your whole life, even if you were never truly aware of it. Time feels different, life feels like you are living from a different dimension. You feel in the present moment when you are with them. You feel a different kind of love that you haven’t experienced before, a heart based love. A purity that you didn’t know existed before this. This phase can last anywhere from days to weeks to months or any other amount of time. Then phase three hits…

3. Mirroring of Wounding & 3D paradigm

This is when the love bubble pops, but don’t fear, this is an important part of this kind of connection. This is what you came for, darling. The popping of the bubble shows that the first mirroring has occurred. The first layer of what needs healing is being shown to you precious one. And although this is a painful, confusing experience, on a higher level it is actually a beautiful one, a vital one, and one that will bring you (and the world) so much lightness and joy in the future. This is not to detract from the very real pain that you experiencing. Whether that is old deep soul pain and trauma, ancestral patterns, programming developed from society, false beliefs about love coming from the old paradigm, shadow aspects of your personality or codependent behaviours. This is when we are shown the programming we have carrying of the old paradigm of love. False beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving as, keeping us in lower forms of ‘love’. During a phase of mirroring and healing it is not uncommon to be ‘separated’ from your beloved. Think of this as coming together to mirror, to lovingly draw out the poisons, and then to come apart to integrate the healing that is occurring. Then it is often time for another layer… which leads us to phase four….

4. Interaction

It is time to come together again to reveal more deep wounds within each other. These are the interactions that occur to bring on deeper layers of healing. This can be in person, email, text, call, or anything in between. It is not uncommon for these interactions to occur when the following situations have occurred: when you have given up hope, when you feel that there is no chance that the universe could possibly bring you back together, when you have decided to ‘cut’ the connection, when you have surrendered to a need of knowing a timeline. Interactions generally occur when healing has occurred and it is time to come back together to mirror another block, ready for another cycle of healing.

5. Healing & Awakening

This is a phase of coming apart again to integrate the healing of wounds, to awaken to your personal power, and to see who you are as a soul. If we choose to see it, this time is actually a beautiful gift as we can utilise this to become our most empowered self. To peel back the layers of ‘humanness’ and to embody our higher self more and more. To decide what we want to accomplish in life.. and to do it. As you do this you start to experience transcendence and you start seeing the bigger picture which leads to phase 6…

6. Sigh of relief & glimpse of 5D paradigm of love

When you see the bigger picture, and experience transcendence you gain so much awareness about what is hidden behind the veils of 3D paradigm illusions and being. You know that there is so much more to divine love.. to the new way of experiencing love than society has shown you so far in life. You realise that you have carried with you so many false notions of what love is.. and you see a glimpse of soul love, divine love, 5D love. Remember this feeling, because this is the ultimate goal of going through this experience.

7. Mirroring of Wounding… again

(Insert eyeroll here.. it’s ok to find this annoying)
While in phase 6 you may have thought you were done. You may have thought you were healed. You may have thought you were ready. But once you start to understand how energy works, and how healing works (I have more in depth teachings of this within this website & my youtube videos) you will feel less confused. Healing works in cycles driven by three stages of energy: blocked, integrating and flowing. As you pass through these three cycles again and again much is shifting. You may feel that you are taking two steps back when you go from a ‘flowing’ stage back to a ‘blocked & then integrating stage, but know that you are in fact going up a spiral, not a ladder. Each circling back to a new phase is taking you up and out. You do not lose any progress, in fact it is the opposite. As you cycle out and upwards you become more empowered, you evolve, you transform and you continue growing.. & when you reach a point of empowerment and excavation of the old, and have removed the walls that were blocking your heart, you open yourself up to stage 10.

8. Am I crazy??

This is when the ego and mind takes over & doubts what you intuitively know, what you know in your heart & deep in your bones. ‘Am I crazy?’ ‘Am I a fool for thinking this?’ ‘Am I wrong about this? No you are not. You were drawn to this information for a reason, you resonate with this energy signature for a reason. When you resonate with something this simply means that your heart and intuition are showing you that you match the vibration of the energy pattern of the topic at hand. If you were not meant to partake in this work.. you would have started learning about this topic and decided to skip right over it. Being interested in a topic, understanding what it means, feeling that you are meant to be a part of it shows you that you are an energetic match vibrationally, my darling. Remember this when your questioning, linear mind steps in. This is not a bad thing. A questioning mind shows intelligence, questioning shows an open mind, an open mind allows you to grow and evolve and expand up and out. Not being afraid to question your beliefs is a very valuable thing. But, in this questioning allow your higher mind, heart and gut to show you the way, to help you figure out your own unique path in love and in life as a human in this lifetime and as a soul who has it’s own unique origins, plan and path.

9. Repeat Steps 3-8

Do this process as many times as necessary, which can be many, many times. We are healing thousands of years of pain, trauma and wounding on Earth. Each cycle of healing that occurs lightens your energy field bit by bit, until eventually you are ready for stage 10.

10. Softening & Opening

Softening and opening occurs. This is where authentic surrender takes place. You no longer feel attached to a planned outcome. You no longer feel the need to control the future. There are no more spaces within you that are blocking deep, divine love from flowing into your energy field. You feel a softening towards your divine counterpart. You no longer feel the deep, soul pain that you have felt for cycles and cycles of healing. Your heart is opening. Unfurling and blossoming like a beautiful red rose. The barriers surrounding your heart have been transmuted. The fear of rejection, abandonment, the betrayal, the fear of loss, the fear of losing yourself, the patterns keeping you trapped in codependency have been cleared, released and transmuted. There is nothing left to keep pure, divine love from flowing throughout every cell in your body, and directly into your heart, free from obstruction. There is nothing left to keep your heart chakra from merging with your beloved’s. The bridging of the gap between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

11. Reunion (Soul Union, Merging of the Heart or Physical Union)

Welcome to the new paradigm of love! The new heart based way or living, loving and being! Unity. Unity to model to the world. This is ‘part 2’ of the twin flame relationship mission. ‘Part 1’ is tearing down the old paradigm, and ‘part 2’ is rebuilding it! Twin flames in physical or soul union shine light codes out to the people around them for heart integration. These divine counterparts in union model the new form of love to the world around them. Think of this as stage 2 but bigger, better, brighter, and much more powerful!! You are now ready to experience love in it’s purity, not out of fear, not out of codependency, not out of need, not out of human necessity, but from the soul. No other reason than desiring to as an empowered divine being. Just remember, free will is always involved here. It is always the choice of each person to partake in any form of relationship. This depends on the moment of creation, and the choices of each person in that moment. Even in this stage, growth is always occurring. That is the point of being human. This is a good thing, because without expansion, growth and something new to discover, life would be stale and bland. You are a beautiful, kind soul for choosing to do this healing work for a very wounded Mother Earth. You are loved beyond belief, you are valued beyond comprehension and you are always supported.

Bonus Stage. Sexual Healing

Sacred sexuality shared between twins is an extremely potent healer. It creates an energetic loop between the DM & DF. The DF has a portal within her that provides the masculine with a deep well of healing, creative energy to tap into. The DM can then use this energy to create ways to deeply satisfy his DF.. creating a loop of giving and receiving. This is Hieros Gamos.. the sexual ritual that plays out a marriage between a god and a goddess or in other words the spiritual marriage of twin souls through physical sexual union. The name of the game for Twin Flames in terms of creating healing light to the Earth

I am sending you so much love and light beautiful one!
Christabel Jessica xo

16 thoughts on “Twin Flame Relationship Stages

  1. Really well explained.
    Down to earth, no nonsense. Good sound advice. Keep up the good work. From one aussie to another xx
    Love and light.

  2. Brilliant. Love you so much. Anywhere I have looked it’s confusing, your explanation has gone in ( especially the repeating of the healing stages ) as felt yep ‘ have got over it ‘ stage for to feel ‘oh not that again! So understood, although still not easy when one has felt that they have gone ‘crackers’ thank you sweetheart soo much. You are indeed an angel & you will have so many grateful followers. Much love Julie ? X

      1. Sorry to be a pain, but can you please explain the kundalini & how to relates to twinflames, if you need to do a video at a later date or articulate on this, I will understand. It’s just I had a sexual energy healing video ( light language ) & shook uncontrollably & it freaked me out, I don’t mean as in that area I mean whole body! I have read it’s to do with DNA upgrade? Am confused & anything about light language. I do understand that it may be topics you may cover at a later date. Am asking you because your explanations of things are so clear & I understand, where as things I have read I don’t!!! Sorry sweetheart not meaning be a pain. I am in the UK & feel a real draw to you, love lots x ?? X

        1. Please, never feel like it is being a pain!! I welcome questions, I welcome hearing what people have to say. So please, always feel safe for this. I really feel that sacred sexual is a topic I will be covering quite extensively. It is a big part of this experience, and a confusing one! I have a lot of ideas coming to me already and what I want to say, so stay tuned <3 <3 I am so glad to hear that you feel that way! I hope I will be able to bring you and other's lot's more explanations.

  3. I just discovered you and your YouTube channel! The best discussions, readings, and explanations on Twin Flames that I have come across (I also like Magenta Pixie). Very deep and healing information, you are truly tapped in and guided. Thank you <3

    1. Hi Andee, I totally agree with you, we have really found an “Angel” to inform us & guide us through all this confusion that seems as if we have gone complelety “crackers” & friends think we are nuts!

      1. Hi sweetie, please may I ask a question – does the runner ( know he isn’t as such ) but does he feel the same pain as the chaser? Do they still feel connection to chaser? Do they eventually have to give in & ask themselves questions why they still feel this way & look for answers? Sorry asking just know your be able to answer me or direct me to if you’ve already covered this & where to go. Please, many thanks my Angel ? Xx

          1. Hi Sweetheart, yep that video helped & you feel kinda of sorry, maybe wrong word but have compassion as we had a knowing & it’s a struggle so bless them having to go through it. It does make you feel oh wish I could help them through it more! Many thanks again my Angel, love you x ? X

          2. I’m glad it helped! Yes, compassion is the perfect word <3
            It's a different journey, but each has it's own pain.
            Sending you so much love!! <3 <3

  4. Love your descriptions of the stages as well as all your videos!! They are extremely helpful.

    I’m currently bouncing between stages 9 and 10, which feels SO much better than when I first got into stages 3 & 4! 😛

    I had a healthy dose of the “Am I crazy?” Stage throughout this whole thing but that’s nearly completely gone now.

    I am definitely glad that we are in separation!!! Giving me time to focus on myself and also giving us the space to comfortably build trust and establish a super solid friendship before we get physical.

    I think the halmark of a Twin relationship is that it’s completely backwards. You fall in love with their soul first, become life long friends next then, after all that’s done, actually get together for the physical part. It feels nice

    1. Thank you so much! Ah yes, 9&10 is a much more peaceful place!!
      I love that description of the journey. It definitely is very backwards!
      <3 <3

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