To the Awakened Divine Masculine:


Hello sacred one,

It is me the Divine Feminine. Your beloved. I’m sorry that it does not always feel that way. It does not always feel that I am your beloved. Don’t fear, this will change.
Know this: you are a brave warrior for coming here and pulling yourself out of the Divine Masculine shadow. It takes strength and courage to do so. You are one of the pioneers showing the way forward for many more to join you.
I know you sometimes feel different, like you don’t fit in and you don’t belong. This is because much more healing needs to take place on this weeping planet. You have stepped back into the natural way of being. You have embodied the true essence of the Divine Masculine. You are awake. You see that things have not been fair to you and your fellows. It is obvious the pain that has occurred to the Divine Feminine. The oppression, the removal of power, the abuse and the repressing of her very nature. But the same has happened for you. Society has also repressed your true nature. Society has told you that it not manly to feel. That real boys don’t cry. That your sexuality is something that is dirty and wrong. I am here to tell you now that society is the one that is wrong. You have a tender heart. You have a giving heart. A protective heart. Your sexuality is sacred, and a beautiful gift to give. It is not dirty, and I am sorry you have been told that it is. All emotions belong to all people. You are designed to be able to show your true emotions. Even sadness. Just as women have not been able to safely feel anger and rage, you have not been safely able to express sadness and love. For this I am sorry. This will change. And you are paving the way forward for this to occur at a more rapid rate here on Earth.
You may feel a lot of coldness towards you from the Divine Feminine. I am sorry for this. Know that this comes from her wounding. Know that she is doing her best to come to terms with the trauma she has experienced for eons here on Earth. Know that she is dealing with the fear of experiencing more of the same. As this heals within her (and this is happening) know that forgiveness will come. Please do not feel guilty. None of this is YOUR fault. As this damage was done to the Feminine, it was the Masculine living from his shadow side. You are not responsible for the entirety of this. You are not. You may feel the need to keep your beloved at arm’s length out of fear that you will hurt her. This is because society ‘says’ that men hurt women. And you fear this happening before it even occurs. This is a pattern, a programming deeply embedded within you. It is time to bring awareness to this for your healing, dear one. As more of the Divine Feminine wake up and heal their own wounds, and stand in their power, you will be truly seen. She will see you. For who you are. As the beautiful divine warrior that you are. You are not alone. I see you. I appreciate you. I love you.

Christabel Jessica xo


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