Stone of Starseeds & Twin Flames?

Moldavite is an extremely rare, unique and powerful stone with an amazingly high vibration.
Origins: Moldavite is named after the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia, where it was created. Moldavite is thought to have formed when a meteorite impacted near this area approximately 14.8 million years ago. This makes Moldavite a Tektite (a stone of extraterrestrial nature), & an extremely rare one at that. One impact, from one event creating one substance is quite significant.

Heart Chakra:
When a crystal holds the colour of a particular chakra… the energies of that crystal tend to be a great vibrational match healing wise with that chakra. In the case of Moldavite, with it’s green colour… it holds a special connection with the Heart Chakra. Holding this over the heart chakra in meditation is an amazing way to help remove blocks in this energy centre.

Bridging Heaven & Earth:
Because this stone was created from a combination of a celestial energy, and an Earth based energy, it bears the energies of both. It is a wonderful awakening tool for the souls here right now that are not from just an Earth based spiritual origin. Many lightworkers who are here assisting Earth in it’s current rapid accession and evolution have experienced life in other realms and realities. We can refer to such souls as ‘Starseeds’. Many Twin Flame energy holders are in fact Starseeds. This is because they hold the vibration of other realms that experience life from a heart based paradigm. A paradigm that is evolved far beyond what we are currently living. That is why they have come here, because they remember how to love in this way. And Moldavite can relate to this vibration. It is from Earth AND the skies. Just like Starseeds. Working with this stone can be just the jolt of remembrance that struggling Starseeds and Twin Flames need to reconnect to the the vibration of the group consciousnesses they hold within.

This is most definitely NOT a stone to use without some thought. Although I do not prescribe to the fear surrounding this stone (I will touch on this again momentarily) using it should not be taken lightly. You should be ready for swift and effective change to occur in your life. Using this stone is setting the intention to transform energetically. Due to it’s extremely high frequency, Moldavite, if in your energy field, will try to raise your vibration to align with it. If there is anything in your life that needs to change for this to happen, it will facilitate this in your life. Which leads me to the next point…

If there is a fear or a limiting belief that you hold that is refraining you from meeting your highest potential.. this stone will mirror you this fear or belief. This is nothing to run from. The point of this process is to show you that your deepest, darkest fears are just that. Fears. Not reality. Not as scary as you have dreamed up in your head. Not the life crippling fantasies that you have concocted with your linear mind. It will show you that these fears are not the mountains that you imagined… but are little molehills that you can easily overcome by stepping over. This brings me back to the fear and controversy surrounding Moldavite. Some people have even had the experience of walking into a crystal shop to be talked out of buying it, or have been made to feel inferior after being told that this stone is not for beginners etc. And although I agree that it is important to respect the power of this beautiful metaphysical substance, and to know that it’s properties and vibration are not for everyone, I feel that a lot of the fear surrounding it is from being afraid of experiencing deep healing and transformation. Experiencing the shadow is an integral part of the spiritual path. Feeling emotion is vital. Facing our fears is beautiful and life altering. Life is not just about positive focus and skipping around joyfully. This is a deeply wounded planet, with a people heavily embedded with trauma, pain and patterning, who have turned away from feeling emotion. With the lifting of this, comes a period of facing that trauma. Facing that pain. Facing the patterning, beliefs and programming that comes with this. Facing the unease of tapping back into the natural state of feeling. Running from the shadow into the loving arms of the light is not going to lift the pain. Once the pain is lifted… the light comes through full force. With nothing to block this shine… making it authentic.

Energetic:                                                                                                                                                         Even those who are not usually able to sense the energies of crystals find that they can with Moldavtite. For me, the first time I held this stone I felt like I was high for the first hour! As a clairsentient, I can feel the energies of stones, but for me it’s very subtle with most crystals. So I was thrown for a loop when I first help Moldy (my nickname for my    stone)!

Disappears:                                                                                                                                                      If you are not ready for the power house that this crystal is… it may just know this and run away. It is not unusual for people to ‘misplace their piece of moldavite, either when they first get it or when it’s done it’s job in their life. This can be permanent or it may reappear when you are ready for another round of it’s magic.

Twin Flame connection:
Do these properties remind you of anything?? To me Moldavite is the quintessential stone of the Twin Flame path. Transforming the old paradigm to the new. Merging the heart chakras of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine. Bridging the gap between the 3D & 5D. Lifting the old trauma and pain from Earth and it’s people. Moldavite is this experience in crystal form!! So, for those of you who are of the Twin Flame energy signature… know that you are powerful enough to work this stone. And it may be the perfect ally for you to assist you on your journey of finding yourself, healing and transformation.

Tip for Buying:

Just something to be mindful of… due to the rarity of this stone… there are many fakes out there on the market. This is an easily replicable stone due to it’s glass like consistency. I would highly suggest buying this in person if possible. I would not buy this on eBay. Do your research on the source & supplier before committing to the spend, especially because this is a costly stone due to it’s popularity and rarity.

I am sending you so much love!

Christabel Jessica xo


5 thoughts on “Moldavite: The Stone of Acceleration

  1. Hi sweetheart, can’t believe you’ve talked about moldavite!! I got mine about 8 weeks ago, for some reason I knew I wanted it & just had to have it! I call mine ‘Moldy’ as well ha ha. From the very 1st touch I could feel how powerful it was. I am in the uk & my local crystal shop didn’t stock it & even on a day trip to London I couldn’t get any. I didn’t want jewellery but a raw piece, so ended up buying from Internet. ( please be careful tho folks as there is fake moldavite about, so it is best to buy when you can see it ) mine came from its homeland. I placed it in my bra & went off out for the day, it was late September but we ( in uk) had lovely warm day so I went to beach. Throughout the day I felt light headed & my chest area was on fire ( I thought it was the sun) but going home on the bus my cheeks were glowing & I started get headache. Once home I wanted to sleep but looked moldavite up & then realised, so I placed it on my selenite slab over night. I love my Moldy, do sleep with it under my pillow at times but it has kept me awake, so I don’t do it every night. It’s in my bra mainly but sometimes I place her in my jeans pocket. I feel you will know very quickly how it will work with you so please if your attracted to it, it is for a reason & don’t be worried by it. I recently was told my numerology life path is an 11 & I was born on the 22nd ( so am guessing I am an old soul & possibly on my last incarnation ) don’t know if I am a star seed, but woke this morning asking to go home!!!!! This is all new to me & I am 53 but I am really wanting to learn know more, Our Angel is here to help guide us all with this website. Love this article sweetheart & of course you too. Many thanks as always Julie ? Xx

    1. Angie

      1 min ago
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      I love the above comment….I too had headaches!!! and was carrying it in my bra Julie!!! I wonder what the connection is…too intense or we definitely know its working? I had very intense headaches so once I removed it..they went away, almost instantly. I did start to see a shift in relationships, confidence. Not “putting up” with certain things anymore and I don’t think the other half of the relationship was ready for the “new” me !

  2. I love the above comment….I too had headaches!!! and was carrying it in my bra Julie!!! I wonder what the connection is…too intense or we definitely know its working? 🙂 I had very intense headaches so once I removed it..they went away, almost instantly. I did start to see a shift in relationships, confidence. Not “putting up” with certain things anymore and I don’t think the other half of the relationship was ready for the “new” me ! 🙂

    1. Ah bless you Angie ( means Angel you know ?) yeah it is powerful & like I say it knows what it’s got planned for you & pushes you in that direction. It’s either in my pocket in my bra ( sometimes left on a slab of selenide) but it’s under my pillow tonight so hoping that I will be able to sleep & get info I want in dream form. Nice to have made connection with you Angie X

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