I’m going to get straight to the point…                                                                                                                                                  It is time for a new movement. One that reunites men and women.. as two sides of the same coin. Two polarities of energy.. with very different qualities.. that are equal. Equal in value and purpose and strength.. but in different appearances. Just as a 5 dollar note looks different to $5 worth of coins. The outward appearance… the weight.. the material.. is different.. yet in value both of these are the same. Neither one better or worse.. but even stronger when you put them together.. when in balance.. but I digress for now.
I wish to discuss the original intent of the feminist movement.. the effects… the distortion that has now occured.. looking at it from the venom spewed from certain angles… and what we should do moving forward.

The term feminism was coined by the utopian socialist Charles Fourier in the 1890s, in association with the movement for equal political and legal rights for women. Feminism historians have identified three waves of this movement. Speaking of these very simplistically.. we had the first wave from the 1890s to the early 1900s.. the second wave from 1960’s-1980’s and then the third and current wave going from the 1990s to where we stand now. I encourage you to go and look up these waves and what they brought with them. I am very thankful to feminism for helping women to gain rights.. the right to vote.. the rights to their bodies… the right to education and to be in the workplace. This is what the intention of feminism was. To be seen as beings with rights. As beings with the right to stand in our power, to own our sexuality and to live life in freedom as we damn well please. As well as the waves.. there are many angles of feminism, there are many subcategories that have formed underneath this one term.. such as eco feminism, socialist feminism, cultural feminism, liberal feminism and radical feminism. The focus of what I wish to say today is really aiming at moving away from radical feminism that has really turned into man-hating… and in turn provides ample opportunity for woman hating in retaliation. Social media runs rampant with equally hateful memes, and content being fired from both sides. (In the Youtube Video below I have included images throughout this video to show what I wish for us to step away from). This is where feminism has unfortunately morphed into something entirely different from it’s original intent. Which often happens to original concepts and intent with time. Even the word no longer fits.. it has it’s focus entirely on one side. Now that women have gained so much of their power back (let me take a moment to honour the women in this world still without their rights).. but speaking of the parts of the world that have achieved much change.. wouldn’t it now make sense to use a word that encapsulates the need for strong men & strong women to be side by side?

As a woman, I am so grateful to all the strong women who were brave and courageous and stood up in the face of adversity and decided no more. No more to the abuse, and belittling and the putting down of women.
So now, the word feminism does not fit. And that is good. It shows how far we have come, and that the initial purpose of the movement has had much success, has made massive shifts in the way of women reclaiming their place next to men. Is this to say that it has been 100% successful? Unfortunately no. There are still many remnants of this occurring in our world. There are many countries that still treat their women like shit, domestic violence, sexism in the workplace, heinous acts against women, inequality with pay, and the list goes on. But the thing we can do to combat this is bring balance back and make a conscious effort to bring healing to the wounded masculine and the wounded feminine.

Because what it really boils down to is this… all the damage that has been done to women past present and future has come from an imbalanced masculine energy. When the masculine is running from imbalance of their natural qualities, power, control and fear run the show. Men are naturally protective, giving and loving with a gentleness. Abuse, suppression and volatile acts and behaviour do not come from a balanced masculine. Trying to gain control and power over the feminine comes from a insecure.. totally distorted masculine energy. Fear of a woman’s innate power and sexuality does not come from a balanced man.. and never has. It is obvious that the feminine has been repressed, surpassed and bullied for eons.. but the masculine has been too. Men have a tender, vulnerable heart.. but have not been allowed to show it. They have been told from society that they must man up.. carry the load of the entire family. Real boys don’t cry. This has hurt the masculine deeply.
The original intention of feminism has now been become distorted, as things tend to happen in our human, linear world… the wounding and fear that is embedded in each side takes control and leads to distortion of original intent.. & that is ok, because we have the ability to implement change!
So what is the next step?
If we are not careful, the next step is women taking over with control and power from imbalance, from anger and rage, resentment, and fear and placing men underneath them. Bit of a turn of events hey? This is not a good thing. As strong empowered women, don’t we want strong, empowered, balanced men by our side? Hand in hand? I know I do.
It is time to consciously work on releasing that anger, and doing our best to forgive and release the futile feelings of the past… which of course is not an easy task! To release the trauma and the pain and the anger and rage is not something that I ask of you lightly. But I ask you to do this to ease the pain and suffering for yourself. Not to forget and to say that we condone it, which is not the purpose of forgiveness, but to become light and whole, and to create a beautiful new future. Let’s not go the other direction and make the exact same mistake in the opposite direction. Let’s not continue to emasculate our men and try to one up them to gain control out of fear of continual repression. This will the exact same thing to men as has already happened to our women.
Am I saying that everything that occurred is ok? Absolutely not. But if we continue to hold on to the heaviness it will continue to slowly poison us, and everyone to come after us.
I would like to propose a new movement. i would like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who contributed to empowerment of women. And I would like to follow in your footsteps by stepping up and saying that how things are currently going is not ok. The hate, the venom from men to women, women to women, women to men and men to men is no longer acceptable. The hate needs to stop in every which direction. I am saying enough is enough. I now propose that we revamp all of this. Unity. That is the new movement. Unity. Women healing and recalling their natural balanced power. Men healing and reclaiming their natural balanced power. Honouring that we are two parts of a whole, balancing out each others strengths and weaknesses. Both vital parts to creation. Together we are creation itself!! Unity.

Christabel Jessica xoxo



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