The most simple way to think of the concept of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children is to think of them as various generations exhibiting qualities to help usher (and showcase) an evolved state of humans energetically and spiritually. This is not to say that adults or children with these energy signatures are ‘better’ than their peers, but simply different. It is helpful to understand due to the difficulties that are presented to each subtype. They are here with specific characteristics and energies to aid in the breaking down and building back up of paradigms of being here on Earth. The changes in the generations show that the process is working and differences have been implemented according to progress made. We are in a time of mass awakening and ascension into higher vibrations. Energetic healing, support and guidance is integral for all of these adults/children for different reasons.

Let’s have a brief look into each of these generations!

First we have the Indigos. Although, it’s hardly accurate to call us Indigo ‘Children’ anymore as the majority of us are now adults, and many of us are now parents of the Crystal and Rainbow children! I myself am and Indigo which is why I have such a passion for assisting with the newer generations (and fellow Indigo adults) assimilate easily into their home, school and play environments.
Nancy Tappe coined the term when she started seeing this colour presented in the aura, or electromagnetic field of children.
This can also be explained as Children who had the indigo portion of their rainbow body on the outer edge of their rainbow body. Indigo is the colour associated with the Third Eye Chakra and psychic abilities. Indigo’s are the warrior spirits. Here with highly attuned intuitive abilities able to see through the bull being fed by the old paradigm structures. Easily able to tell when being lied to & a deep fire lit within (often displayed as frustration and sassiness) with a head strong resolve, Indigos are built to tear down the old. Environmentalism, activists, strong opinions on world affairs, not content with being submissive to ‘the man’, not being content with the daily bores of life, Indigo’s are indeed warriors. A deep sense of struggle, anxiety, angst, and isolation and a feeling of ‘not belonging’ has plagued the minds of this generation.

Next come the Crystals!
Less warrior energy and more gentleness, they are just as psychic as Indigos but with increased sensitivity due to the warrior energy not being as prevalent to compensate.
Although the lines are blurry when it comes to the generations and these labels are not clear cut, the majority of Crystals are now late teens.
Characteristics include large, deep eyes. A later start date of communication (due to what you can consider telepathic communication, or energetic communication). A high rate of diagnose of disorders such as ADHD, autism or Asperger’s spectrum, which can be seen as an effect of being of a different frequency but still having to be schooled under conditions that no longer best correlate to the way they learn and react to the world. (This is not to take away from the realness or seriousness of these diagnoses, more to bring awareness to why this is occurring on a grand scale). A plethora of food sensitives and intolerances, again linked to not being designed frequency wise to the ways of this world. This gentleness, intense vibration of love based energy and strong receptivity has made things difficult for these children in a different way. Struggling through an outdated school system and a harsh, polluted way of life, things have not been simple for them. Next, let’s look at the newest generation!
Rainbow children are the latest generation of new children to grace this Earth. Mostly born from 2008 and onwards these beautiful children have come in with a mix of the ancient wisdom and strength of the Indigos matched with the loving, gentle nature of the Crystals. Embodying many of the same traits of the Indigo and Crystal children they are here to break down a lot of the dense difficult energies we are experiencing through their wise, ancient energy mixed with light playful nature. They have brought in with them a pure energy of love and joy, not as much anguish as the Indigo children. Part of the reason for this is due to the fact that their parents are more able to provide the support that is needed to energetically hold space for these beautiful souls. Imagine that the world was encased in a hard shell casing of old barriers. Indigos were here to begin the breaking down of this casing through warrior strength head on, whereas now that the initial cracks have been made in the strong outer shell… a lighter energy can continue softening the first cracks. ‘Laughter and love is the best medicine’ illustrates this point perfectly. They are teachers of unconditional love. A great example of Rainbow children include the children you hear of who are coming in with memories of their past lives. Although things are easier for this generation, they are not clearly understood and energetic support to help them assimilate is so beneficial. They are energetic powerhouses so support and backup can make their journey much easier.

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