Earth entering the Age of Aquarius underpins everything that is currently taking place here in this time period. It is the theme behind why we are having mass amounts of spiritual awakening, enlightenment and ascension. It is the reason you are reading this right now. It is no accident that we are here achieving big change. This is an epic time to be alive.

But to start with I just want to explain what the Age of Aquarius actually is.

The Age of Aquarius is an Astrological concept.

Very, very simply Astrology is the study of the energies of planets and the stars, and looking at their positioning to get an idea of how they are influencing Earth. As above, so below.

There are 12 zodiac signs, each based on a certain element in one of its states. It’s common knowledge to most people what their zodiac sign is depending on their birth date, but each moon cycle is influenced by these signs as well. The energy of the full moon and the new moon are heavily influenced depending on the sign they are in at that time. Carrying the traits associated with that sign. Just as we look at our personalities in relation to the strengths, weaknesses and traits of our sun sign. Looking at this on a grander scale, there are astrological ages that our Earth stay in for thousands of years. So around 2100 years fixed in the energies of ONE sign. These are the Great Ages. Once we have each age in each sign we have a Great Year  or a cosmic year lasting 26 000 years as the earth rotates on an axis through each of the 12 zodiac signs.

You can think of each of the great ages as a moon cycle on crack!! Let’s just say that an Age in a particular zodiac sign lasted 2100 years. That would equal roughly 766 500 days, which if we divided by 28 would show us that a great age would contain 27 375 moon cycles. That figure is extremely rough. But I think you get my point. Think of the amount of power a single full moon in Aquarius has on the energy on Earth. Now imagine having 27 375 of those in a row. That should start to indicate the influence a Great Age has on us. And the implications that truly has.

Being in the changeover period is an epic time to be incarnated. This is not a coincidence that we are here for this dawning of the New Age to mould the energies into a New Earth. The potential for growth and transformation during this time is monumental! This is the time for transmuting the old paradigm into something brand new!!

We are experiencing a change over from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Due to the fact this happens so rarely, this really is an amazing event to experience.

There’s differing information on when the Age of Pisces ended and the Age of Aquarius started. Some say it happened on the 11.11.11. Some say it was December 2012. To be honest, it really doesn’t matter… I feel that we are in The New Age now, but the changeover period will last our lifetime at least. If we continue with the notion of it being a moon cycle on crack.. the moon doesn’t go straight from new to full.. and back to new.  It’s not a switch that is flipped. It’s a gradual process… there’s no clear lines… it’s hazy.

When you look in the time periods in history that correlate with different astrological ages it is pretty clear to see the influence that has taken place. I definitely recommend looking into the last few ages and how they relate to different time periods in history and the themes and energies that these periods of time had.

When I think of the biggest stand out influence The Age of Pisces has had on Earth is hierarchy, power, religion and war. This is the age of the Buddha and Jesus. Religious salvation. The merging of the east and west. Using the analogy of wearing rose tinted glasses. I think of it as everyone on Earth having their perception viewed from Piscean  lenses. And now we are taking them off and putting on Aquarian lenses.

The Age of Aquarius themes are freedom. Moving from the 3rd to the 5th dimension, so spiritual awakening. Unity. Balancing the divine masculine and feminine. Within ourselves, and merging with others. Technology.  The bell curve of technology growth is remarkable. The rapid rate we are developing new concepts in medicine and machinery makes this a pivotal point in history. And it’s important we tread carefully. It is very reminiscent of what happened in Atlantis. This is why Atlantis is bubbling up in a lot of people’s past lives memories. And as a topic of interest.

If this resonates with you I would recommend looking into the characteristics of Pieces and Aquarius and researching the influences and what speaks to you. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I really hope this has helped you start realising that there is a reason you are going through what you are going through. And this can help you on your journey forward awakening to who you truly are.

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