Earth has reached an exciting stage in it’s evolution process. As we exit the Age of Pisces and enter the Age of Aquarius we are ascending – rapidly. With this ascension many people are facing fast paced awakening, transformation, dark nights of the soul, growth and healing. This process can be confusing, painful, isolating and overwhelming. You may have many questions and a deep urge to find clarity and connection during this process. Let me help you with this. I am here to provide you with loving support, teachings and guidance through your transformation. If you feel isolated, alone and different, know this is because you are currently helping with the shift out of old fear based paradigms of being and into new love fuelled, unity driven paradigms of being. 

I offer support in a multitude of ways. I offer connection and divine lessons through my Youtube channel. I have created a healing oracle deck called ‘Divine Feminine & Masculine Reunited’ aimed at assisting you on your journey. See the ‘Oracle Card Deck’ tab above. I also offer connection and loving support through one on one Skype sessions available to book above. My area of passion is bridging the gap between the Divine Feminine & Masculine, and the gap between psychology and spirituality but I am here to help EVERYBODY. I love helping women heal their sexuality, body image and to reclaim their power in a world that has told them to be small. I love helping men feel connection and a safe place to be vulnerable in a world that has told them they can not express emotion. I love helping people on a spiritual path find mental understandings of their journey and to embrace the emotions they experience on the way.