Earth has reached an exciting stage in it’s evolution process. We are awaken
ing and ascending. Rapidly. For the lightworkers who have volunteered to come here and assist with the healing and ascension of Mother Gaia, fast paced awakening, transformation, growth and healing is occurring. This process can be confusing, painful and overwhelming. You may feel like you have a bigger purpose. Like you are here for a big reason, but you may not know what that reason is. Let me help you with this. I am here to provide you with loving support, teachings and guidance through your awakening or as I like to call it remembrance. Remembrance of who you really are, at a soul level. If you feel isolated, alone and different, know this is because you are here to help with the shift out of old fear based paradigms of being and into new love fuelled, unity driven paradigms of being. How do we do this? I will explain…

It is time.

For thousands of years going back in history on Earth, something has been lost. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine have been heavily wounded and have lost their way from each other. The Divine Feminine has been repressed, put down, abused and stripped of her power. The Divine Masculine has been living from his shadow side, repressing his true self. Living through an unbalanced ‘power’ that has not allowed his giving, protecting, tender heart to lead the way. This is changing. The Divine Feminine has been taking back her power, bringing back her ancient energies to Earth, standing up and saying enough is enough. But if we are not careful, we may make the same mistake moving forward, but in the opposite direction. We must now strive to achieve healing, balance and unity. This truly effects each person on Earth, regardless of gender, sexuality, heritage or other ‘differences’. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are two sides of the same coin. Different, but equally powerful and equally important. Coming together in balance and bringing their separate qualities and energies into unity, creation, magic and love occurs. This is the natural way. The natural state of being. And this is what we will come back to.

I offer support in a multitude of ways. I offer connection and divine lessons through my Youtube channel and my blog articles. My area of passion is bridging the gap between the Divine Feminine & Masculine, and the gap between psychology and spirituality but I am here to help EVERYBODY. The purpose of bridging the gap. The purpose of Unity. Christ Consciousness. The most powerful method of bridging this gap is through personal empowerment and growth. I offer teachings surrounding many esoteric, spiritual and metaphysical concepts. I am here to help you find remembrance of your inner wisdom and power and to provide you  with concrete processes to utilise your wisdom with loving support and high vibrational energy to keep you going on your spiritual path and healing journey. I have my own oracle card deck called ‘Divine Feminine & Masculine Reunited’, and I offer one on one healing sessions via skype (under the healing tab), I have a range of high vibrational, healing alchemic oil blends along with many other teaching & support tools to come. Watch this space.