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This healing deck features 11 Divine Feminine Goddesses, 11 Divine Masculine Gods, 11 cards representing the wounding that needs healing, and 11 cards representing the light side of union. This deck was created with you in mind – to help provide insight and guidance into your situation. The cards themselves are printed on 3.5″x 5.0″(126mm x 88mm), high quality, 350gsm card stock with rounded corners, so they’re built to last even after you’ve enjoyed reading them a hundred times! A suggested spread would be to pull one DF, one DM card and a wounding card to show what needs healing. Then a light side of union card to see the potential outcome of the situation.

The Divine Feminine & Masculine Reunited Oracle Deck really has the highest quality artwork compared to most other Oracle Decks I’ve seen. I think this helps facilitate a greater connection with the cards and also can add more depth to the readers experience. I deliberately created scenes to honour the traditional mythology of the featured Gods and Goddesses, but I also put a modern feel on them to ensure they remain relatable in today’s fast-paced society.


For thousands of years going back in history on Earth, something has been lost. With the fall of consciousness The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine have been heavily wounded and have lost their way from each other. The Divine Feminine has been repressed, put down, abused and stripped of her power. The Divine Masculine has been living from his shadow side, repressing his true self. Living through an unbalanced ‘power’ that has not allowed his vulnerable, giving, protecting, tender heart to lead the way. This is changing. The Divine Feminine has been taking back her power, bringing back her sacred ancient energies to Earth, standing up and saying enough is enough. But if we are not careful, we may make the same mistake moving forward, but in the opposite direction. We must now strive to achieve healing, balance and unity. This truly effects each person on Earth, regardless of gender, sexuality, heritage or other ‘differences’.

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are two sides of the same coin. Different, but equally powerful and equally important. When they come together in balance they bring their separate qualities and energies into unity, and then creation, magic and love occurs. This is the natural way. The natural state of being. And this is what we will come back to.

It is time to come home. I feel that this Oracle Deck can bring joy, peace and understanding into your life. Soul connections and spiritual awakening can be difficult to navigate without support, and this deck will provide you with abundant support, energy and assistance right at your fingertips. You can access this in any moment of need or hardship, and it will provide you with the exact messages you require to give you the guidance you need in that moment.

This is an oracle card deck created as an energetic tool to assist in the healing process of deep soul connections. As a spiritual teacher and healer deeply passionate about helping to bridge the gap between men and women within our society I found there was a lack of availability for a deck that honoured both women and men, and also provided insight and wisdom in how to actually come back to unity. It is because of this need that I set out to create a deck that fulfilled what I felt was really missing.

It can be difficult to find meaning, healing and understanding in situations that occur when experiencing a deep soul connection with a counterpart. This world is so entrenched in fear of vulnerability, deeply embedded codependent behaviour and a battle of the sexes mentality. This deck helps to provide wisdom into the energies of the Divine Feminine and Masculine and insight into how to balance the obstacles standing in the way of union (and spiritual awakening & healing) such as separation, codependency, fears of rejection, vulnerability and abandonment. Relationships are the way we learn, grow and evolve the fastest so understanding the current energetic situations you are experiencing can really help to integrate the lessons and healing much more swiftly and deeply! This deck has a suggested spread which enables you to pull one card from each section to provide an overall message into what awareness needs to be brought forward to you with you the DF, DM, wounding and healing outcome that is presenting in your life at the time of drawing cards.

As always, thank you so much for your support. It means so much to me, and I hope this beautiful Oracle Deck brings joy to your life.

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