Our session together will provide you with connection, counselling, energy work, discussion, clarity, mentorship and aha moments in a one hour Skype call. It is amazing the difference that can be made by having someone to have an intimate conversation about the daily workings of your life, your big spiritual questions and your emotional concerns. The spiritual path can be an isolating one when you feel the need to censor your conversations with the people around you. That’s where I come in. Never again will you have to hold back your feelings, thoughts and questions. I will be honoured to be your confidant, mentor and a loving, listening ear to share your burdens. Depending on the current needs you have the session will take shape in a multitude of ways. I work with a vast variety of healing methods and tools rooted in a background of psychology and spiritual healing. Here you will find peace, clarity and love. I do not tell you your future outcomes, preferring to empower you to feel confident in your abilities to create the future you are seeking. Although the topic of the future will arise, it will be more from a place of us creating action plans rather than me feeding you the answers you desire regarding future predictions. This is an honest, healing, creation space. 

I specialise in Twin Flame and soul connection relationships,  spiritual awakening , psychic development, healing mentorship, life and trauma counselling. Through my sessions I offer a safe place for you to open up, share your story and tap into your soul essence. We will discuss what is at the forefront for you emotionally and energetically such as soul connection information, childhood trauma, sexual trauma, past life ties, energetic blocks, chakra blocks, energetic transmissions or downloads, assistance finding your path and purpose, healing mentorship tips, relationship issues, spiritual awakening symptoms or tapping into repressed emotions etc.

A wide range of modalities are used including healing quests, chakra balancing, psychic surgery, angelic energy transfers, etc. Depending on what needs healing at the time of the session we will work on your emotional body, mental body and energetic field. This can be in the form of clearing your energy field and chakras, removing karmic ties and entanglements  constructing protective shields, lifting heavy energies, or working on past lives. There are several session types available, if you are after a mix of topics to be covered, book any session type and leave a note about the areas you would like to focus on.

I have clients who book in fortnightly, twice a week, once every few months or just once for a huge bolt of clarity and direction. I have clients who I have worked with for several years that do a check in when they feel the need arise and clients who are going through intensive transformation that require frequent support. We can tailor our relationship to your personal needs. I look forward to connecting with you!

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*Clients are advised that sessions are guaranteed once payment occurs. Refunds are not available.

It is obvious she has a gift

“My session with Christabel was a true joy! I have worked with many others over the past decades – psychics, healers, channelers, etc. – but my time and experience with Christabel was fresh and genuine – it is obvious she has a gift. Our souls bonded so quickly that we ran out of time and I will need to connect with her again in order to continue to see what her guides have to tell me. I adore her positivity and her belief in me. I learned so much about myself in our session and my eyes are now wide open! I truly felt the healing she sent me. I cannot tell you how much this session helped me!”

This was the most powerful healing I have had

After struggling my whole life with a devastating limiting belief which was impacting all aspects of my life, a session with Christabel was all that was needed to get to the root and fully heal! This was the most powerful healing I have had to date, and I have had lots of healing s in the past! Christabel is compassionate, committed and fun to work with! Thank you!

I feel fortunate to have connected

I appreciate Christabel’s balanced approach and geniune care for her clients. She listens carefully and gives you perspective on your situation that comes from an informed and compassionate place. I felt safe and comfortable opening up to her and was able to express feelings that I could not before. She helped me see things in my situation that I did not see myself and it provided healing from pain I was carrying for a long time. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift. I feel very fortunate to have connected with Christabel.

The session was a real turning point for me

“I have been following Christabel’s youtube videos because what she says makes such sense and contains such intelligence and clarity about all the seemingly contradictory and certainly confusing aspects of this path. Prompted by how resonant I found one of her videos in particular, I decided to schedule a one-on-one session with her and that session was a real turning point for me. What we talked about and what she ‘did’ stuck – and more than stuck, it ‘went in’ and continued working. This session, along with the videos of hers I have watched, has made such enormous sense of a journey I’ve been on for the past 4 and half years and after the session I had an experience of suddenly *seeing* what’s actually been going on under the surface of the ‘dance’. Over the past few months I’ve read and watched a lot of material about twin flames and the ascension process; Christabel’s work stands out for me because of its clarity, accessibility, intelligence, and the passion with which she is delivering her message. I am deeply grateful to her.”


Transformation and healing has come only one week later

“Before I found Christabel Jessica, I was new to the Twin Flame concept and feeling lost and confused. I was sorting and sifting through information online that was often misleading, conflicting or too esoteric and hard to understand. I was feeling a lot of overwhelm, anxiety and nervousness in my connection with my divine counterpart, and while I felt I was onto something with the twin flame concept, I had so many questions about what I was feeling and experiencing. I tried talking to friends and only felt worse from their well intended advice. I continued to seek answers from other videos and readings on YouTube, and then I discovered Christabel Jessica and everything changed! She gave me a new sense of hope! She was able to take something complex and esoteric and break it down in a way that was easy to understand and apply to my experience. I booked a session with her and am AMAZED at the transformation and healing that has come out of it only one week later! I have a whole new perspective on who I am as a divine feminine and who my divine masculine is. I have more clarity about what my blocks are and what my soul’s purpose is. I have more trust myself, my twin and this process, and more confidence in our connection and what it means to be in a divinely guided relationship. After our session, I felt lighter and clearer and filled with joy. I broke through blocks that allowed me to open up and receive love from my divine masculine. He began to open up to me in return and I soon realized we were connecting in new ways that I had only dreamed of before. It was beautiful and magical and showed me how powerful healing is to this process. Christabel Jessica is a gifted healer, spiritual teacher and a guiding light in the twin flame journey and all things esoteric. She shares information in a way that is grounded in clarity and simplicity, yet profound and meaningful. She is a clear channel for Spirit and shares information in a way that feels positive and empowering. Thanks to her guidance and wisdom, what used to feel like so much pain and suffering has now become a beautiful, mystical, magical journey to healing, empowerment, ascension, and unity in unconditional love. I am so grateful to her for her work because I know its accelerating our path to union. If you are feeling lost, seeking guidance, and open to doing this healing work, I highly recommend booking a session with Christabel Jessica. It is a healing gift for your divine self, your divine relationship, the divine collective and for the entire world.”

Natural intuitive and healer with great insight

I was drawn to Christabel’s videos as every week she posted something that resonated with me. When I heard she was doing Skype readings I couldn’t wait to book. Christabel is a natural intuitive and healer with great insight. Her healing helped clear energy for me and with the information she provided I was able to research and integrate the information even further. I have never completely understood the Twin Flame Mission as well as I do now, and I trust the connection whole-heartedly thanks to Christabel and her guidance.


Christabel is a BADASS healer

I’ve had the sincere pleasure of working with Christabel for more than two years and even though I’ve had sessions with several wonderful healers during my spiritual journey, Christabel is the only one I’m returning to on a regular basis. She is one of the most self empowering intuitive healers I’ve worked with, and she emanates such a loving and nurturing energy that makes your system very relaxed and receptive for the healing and messages she provides. The thing that really is unique about her is her natural and rare ability to interpret light language into physical words, and the messages are always what you need to hear in that exact moment. If you’re ready to embark on the journey back to your true core self I would highly recommend you to book a session with Christabel!

The session was a real turning point for me

Hi Christabel,
I just want to give you some more feedback….That session I had with you on Monday night was a real turning point for me.  I feared that it might not stick (you know how sometimes these things don’t), but not only has it stuck, but it went in and continued working!  This + watching your “Runner Chaser/Why the DF Awakened First” video (in particular; I’ve watched most of your videos 🙂 ) last night has made an enormous amount of sense of the last 4 and a half years, and I just had an experience of suddenly *seeing* what’s actually been going on – the mutual triggering of the wounds and the ‘dance’ that has played out from this.  I wrote it all down and, looking at it now – wow!  I got so much wrong….I’m not beating myself up about it!  I get why I did.  Why both of us did…..
But yeah, basically, I just wanted to let you know how enormously helpful your work – with me and in general – has been for me.  I have been reading/watching almost everything about twin flames that I can find over the past few months, and your ‘stuff’ stands out for me because of its clarity, its accessibility, its intelligence and the passion with which you’re delivering your message.  Thank you.

Hi Everyone,
I had such a great session with Christabel. We clicked and connected right away. She always greets us as beautiful souls and she is a beautiful soul as well. The messages I received were what I had been feeling recently, so it was amazing to receive that confirmation. It gave me more confidence in my psychic abilities and intuition. She is insightful, enlightening, intuitive, and nurturing. Our session was a spiritual initiation for me in a lot of ways and I feel even more connected to my path and ascension. It was a connection to my soul family. I was enlightened to many spiritual connections that I have that I was not aware of. I am so excited to dive deeper into these connections and it also empowered me to believe in my ascension. I could not have asked for a better session. I received the confirmation I needed and also learned so much about the journey I am on and how to become further enlightened.

Brittany Giannotti, USA

Healer Mentorship

Christabel helped me to identify a clear path on my journey to becoming a healer. She has suggested excellent exercises to assist me to continue building my confidence, and I am seeing the benefits already. Her support and wisdom is priceless, and I feel very attuned with my own power. Thank you so much Christabel! It’s such a joy working with you.

My most-trusted personal resource for spiritual guidance

“Christabel is my most-trusted personal resource for spiritual guidance. As I’ve gone through my own awakening/twin flame journey the past three years… and published a book about it… she has continued to be a helpful, insightful source of inspiration. I think her greatest gift is that she will always help you find your own answers, and never pretends that she has them all for you. She knows how to empower others to heal themselves, which is what only the best teachers do!” -Julie Rasmussen, USA, author of I Didn’t Believe any of this Hippie Dippy Bulls**t Either… a Skeptic’s Awakening to the Spiritual Universe (available on Amazon)

I definitely thank God for her, the gifts she has and how she was put in my path

I never did a testimonial before but for Christabel I will.  She is a beautiful person inside and out.  I had two sessions with her so far and she explained things in a way I never heard it before.  Aside from the sessions, it’s a healing itself to have her work with you. I felt an immediate connection through her YouTube videos which lead me to book a one on one session with her.  I didn’t even think twice.  You can tell she genuinely wants to help you.  If it’s either from an explanation from a situation your having a hard time with, or through your journey in this life so you can grow. She will listen and help you heal.  I definitely thank God for her, the gifts she has and how she was put in my path.

Amanda, USA

Obsessive thoughts no longer reign my mind

I am convinced that Christabel for me, was God sent. And the timing couldn’t have been more appropriate. I was raging a long and hard battle with depression, questions plaguing my mind about my twin flame dynamics, and my karmic relationship with my parents.
In our first session, she intuitively felt my anguish, tapped into my higher connections and delivered some crucial messages from spirit that needed to come through. She brought to surface some karmic patterns in my life and helped me transmute them with a karma clearing exercise. In the week that followed, I could feel that something had changed, I could feel the karma had been lifted. I felt liberated and light. You know how they say – you don’t realize the weight on your shoulders till it is lifted. Obsessive thoughts no longer reigned my mind. After what was a long time in my life, I was able to give all of my presence to my work, to my life, to me.
In our second session, I expressed to her my wish to dive deep into my karmic pattern with my parents. Christabel gently led me to meet with my inner child for the first time. Our session helped me heal the wounds inflicted upon my inner child and she showed me how to nurture my inner child. It helped me feel more secure and confident in my everyday life. In the week that followed, I felt the tension in my interaction with my parents had eased up. I felt calmer and more forgiving in my interaction with them.
My third session was a happy one, it answered questions that were in my mind about a soulmate and was uplifting. My friend complimented me later that day and told me that I looked more vibrant than I had in days; and indeed, I was feeling great! The sessions are powerful. I would feel my emotions stir up couple of days leading to the session. They are brought up to be transmuted, in my experience. And the synchronicities during the session are humbling and inspiring.
Christabel is gifted. She is very wise and a beautiful soul. Her gentle, soothing presence made me feel comfortable to express my emotions (I am a reserved person otherwise). I feel blessed to have been able to work with her.


-K, India

Positive changes have entered my life suddenly

‘The guidance you shared with me was exactly what I needed to understand the journey I’m on, and the positive changes that have entered my life suddenly. You helped me realized nothing is by coincidence, and that my intuition was leading me in the right direction. Having the validation from your healing gave me peace and allowed me to trust divine love.’

I slept well for the first time in ages

“‘I had a lovely reading with Christabel. She is very calm and present. I always look out for judgment but there was none. Christabel has a nice way of making the esoteric grounded, and she is very wise for her young years; an old soul I believe. I slept well for the first time in ages having used one of her tips. The card reading was accurate, too. I think Christabel can help with any issue in your life, and I definitely would recommend her.”

B, Australia.

“Christabel has a gift of connecting with you like I’ve never come across!”

“I highly recommend a session with Christabel Jessica to anyone and everyone who are on their soul truth journey, having thoughts about their twin flame journey and/or needs a powerful healing session! Christabel has a gift of connecting with you like I’ve never come across! I’m so glad I gave myself this session! If you do too- prepare yourself to feel immense love and healing energies expanding! Thank you so much Christabel for a life changing, energizing and loving hour!”

So nurturing and never, ever judgemental

I highly recommend a session with Christabel. She is so knowledgeable and so filled with love and a true desire to help people. She is definitely a healing lightworker. If you are like me, feeling alone, depressed and scared out of your mind about the present and the future, please know she is so easy to talk to, so nurturing and never, ever judgmental. I feel lighter and more at ease after my session and will definitely be talking to her again soon! Also, an extra big thank you for scheduling our session at a time that was good for me, halfway around the world! lol
Thank you for shining your light xoxo